view all messages for all private queues

A new feature for MSMQ Inspector that lets us view all the private queue messages at once.

create an msmq plug in report

A full tutorial on creating a report plugin for MSMQ Inspector

Monitor the Queue Counts with the Graph View

We added another premium feature that is great for monitoring queue counts.

how to create a plugin

Details on creating custom plugins for MSMQ Inspector

Load Testing Applications that use MSMQ

Recently we wanted to test a part of the system under load. The load did not need to be specifically distributed or a simulation of a number of users and sessions etc, we just needed some load while we performed some other tests to observe the results.

Transactional MSMQ Messages going straight to the Transactional Dead Letter Queue (XactDeadletter)?

We had a bug come up where depending on your configuration, a duplication of a message was just putting everything in the Transactional Dead Letter Queue (XactDeadletter).

PayPal IPN Payment Notification Example in C#

Learning curve for PayPal IPN integration into your web site could be a lot better - here is a summary of our experiences.